I recently completed my PhD in the Department of Philosophy at Marquette University in September 2019. I obtained my B.A. from the College of Charleston in 2010 and my M.A. from Loyola University Chicago in 2013. 

My primary areas of research are 19th and 20th century European philosophy and the philosophy of psychoanalysis. I also have research and teaching interests in aesthetics, German idealism, and the philosophy of history.


 My dissertation, entitled The Fantastic Structure of Freedom: Sartre, Freud, and Lacan, explores the fraught relationship between Sartre's existentialist philosophy and psychoanalytic theory. It brings the affinities between a Sartrean philosophy of freedom and Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis into sharper relief, specifically as regards the topic of the imagination. For a more detailed description of my dissertation research, please see the abstract. If you would like more information about my other research or to request a copy of my CV, please contact me here